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1. Entry Fees: The entry fee for the ladder is a 2017 Kirby Park Tennis membership and this entitles players to participate in all ladder matches for the summer or $6 per match for non members. 
2. Joining the Ladder: A person joining the ladder has one initial
chance to challenge anyone in any position on the ladder.
If he or loses
that challenge match they will then be placed on the bottom of the ladder
and have to challenge to move up. The new ladder participant who wins that
initial match moves into the position of the person they just defeated. Any player joining the
Kirby Park Tennis Ladder after the official play begins must start t the bottom of the ladder.
3. Playing Format: All matches will be the best of three sets with the third set a "Super 10 point Tie Breaker", regular scoring will be used. 
All other aspects of fair play and conduct will follow USTA
guidelines. Matches stopped for bad weather or similar reasons must be
completed within one week or the leading player wins.
4. Challenge Guidelines: Players may challenge upwards from 15 to 1 and 25 to the 11 position. Challengers must issue the challenge to higher players and
matches must be accepted and scheduled within one week of the challenge,
unless both players agree to an extension or the ladder director (Head Pro
or Tennis Director) accepts a reasonable reason for a delay such as a
challenged player being out of town or injured. In any event, all matches
must be played within two weeks, or the challenged player is dropped to the position of the 
person who made the challenge on the ladder.
5. Time Between Challenges: To avoid excess challenges against any single
player, no player may be challenged within one week of having played any
challenge match, unless readily accepted by the challenged player. 
6. Challenger Responsibilities: Challengers will make all needed court
reservations and supply a new can of balls for the match. Kirby Park 
is the location of all challenges. The time of matches must be convenient to both players. 
7. Reporting Scores: Winners of matches must report scores to the ladder
director ( Kirby Park Tennis Office) within 48 hours of the match.
8. Post-Match Positions: If the higher position player wins the match, there
is no change of position. If the challenger wins the match, he or she moves
into the loser's position and everyone in between moves down one place.
9. Questions or Suggestions: Please bring any suggestions to the ladder
director, who is the final decision-maker for all disputes or questions.
However, the ladder director may appoint an impartial ladder committee (Director and Kirby Park Tennis Pros) to rule on disputes as needed.

NOTE: I ask all players on the Ladder to be courteous and to respond to players who are issuing challenges. Any problems should be reported to me.


1.    Bill Ziegler III         570-814-9191(c) 
2.    Joe Brown            570-460-0397(c)
3.    Justin Naylor          570-855-8108 (c)
4.    Jim Landon             570-852-1867 (c)
5.    Nate Engh             570-563-2131
6.    Fred Hockenbury   570-574-6500
7.    Jim Hayes             570-819-1676 (c)
8.    Paul Gerrity          570-249-0444 (c)
9.    Chris Barclay        570-574-4697 (c) / 570-779-2065 (h)                       
10.  Steve Brand          570-690-4618 (c)
11.  Brad Kurlancheek   570-793-9262(c)
12.  Wes Woo              703-608-0186(c)
13.  Mark Rainey          607-742-0272 (c)
14.  Chad Gasiorek       570-246-9114 (c)
15.  Pete Bowman        570-793-3614 (c)
16.  Dave Engh             570-563-2131
17.  Bartt Slocum         570-406-5997 (c) / 570-675-1167 (w)
18.  Tony Ferlenda        315-382-1090(c),675-0444
19.  Marco Stallone       570-466-3272(c)
20.  Dave Chen             917-790-9020(c)
21.  Joe Bailey             570-675-2473 (h)
22.  Andrew Bigda        570-826-5675 (w)
23.  Gary Scharrer        712-371-9752 (c) / 570-822-8233 (h)
24.  Forrest Handwerk   570-817-8009 (c)
25.  Anatoli Ivanov         570-696-3976(h) away till late summer 
26. Cassie Bowman      570-793-7255 (c)

Join in the competition!!  call 714-9697 or e-mail BE10SCOACH@AOL.COM